Youth and Child Counselling

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to try counselling at Catholic Family Services of Simcoe County. Counselling can be beneficial when for example, you are worried about something at  home or at school, or you’re experiencing challenges with a relationship. Counselling provides a place where  you can talk about challenges you’re experiencing, your thoughts or feelings, and/or identifying next steps, how you feel, separate from school and home life and can help you get back to enjoying life.

Youth Counselling is for any young person, aged 12 or older who is experiencing challenges whether it’s a mental health challenge such as depression or anxiety, or issues with parents, peers, or people at school. Talking to a clinician from Catholic Family Services of Simcoe County can be beneficial in providing support to understand challenging situations, and/or identifying next steps towards change.

Youth Gender Issues

Do you identify as a man? Woman? Neither? Both? Youth Counselling can help you connect with your true self.
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Youth Grief

Grief is something which everyone experiences, although it may differ from the next person(s)
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Youth Adjustment / Change

Are you experiencing a
change your life?

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Youth Wellness, Mindfulness

Restoring Balance to your life is possible – Youth counselling can help

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Youth Mental Health

MIND your Health……your mental health matters.

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Youth School Stress

School stress! Take a break
and let’s talk.

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Youth Self-Esteem / Self-Image, Eating Disorders

Explore how youth counselling can help you rebuild your self esteem!
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Youth Violence and Anger Management

Blowing up with Anger? We can help.

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Youth Sexual Intimacy

Sexual Intimacy Issues for Couples Are Common and Can Be Resolved

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Youth Addictions, Alcohol/Drug Use

Support to help empower you to make positive changes in your life.

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Youth Family Relationships

Trouble at Home? We Have Support for Family Relationships

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Youth Trauma, Sexual Abuse

Trauma can shake our beliefs and shatter our assumptions of trust.

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