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Youth Mental Wellness Program


CFSSC has moved all in-class psychoeducational workhops online!


Local young people need mental health supports now more than ever before. So we added new workshops to our regular line-up for use in schools across our community. Thanks to our funders, these workshops are currently being offered at no cost to educators and students.

As students transition back to school, they will face a multitude of unexpected changes and transitions. Some students may have increased stress, anxiety or general feelings of being overwhelmed with all of the new processes put in place. TALK BACK to Negativity addresses some of these unique challenges by offering workshops that validate experiences, but also build the skills and strategies needed to navigate them.

The full list of workshops can be found below.



Workshops can be offered live, or teachers can access a link to a prerecorded* session. Live sessions will be hosted using Zoom Health.

Prerecorded* sessions are also an option if the scheduling of a live session is a challenge. Access to the prerecorded* session will be available for two weeks after the the facilitator sends the link. This allows teachers to engage in the topic when it best fits into their schedule.


*Links to prerecorded sessions may not be shared. Please scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.


EDUCATORS: Click here to register
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Are you considering a live workshop?

There are a limited number of live workshops available. If you are interested in offering a live workshop in your classroom, please register as soon as possible.

Have you registered for a live workshop?

You will be contacted by the program facilitator, who will discuss date options with you.

Have you registered for a pre-recorded session?

You will be sent the link to the workshop along with any supporting documents. Please note: the link is non-transferable and cannot be shared.

Are you interested in multiple workshops?

Please register only once and indicate all the workshops you would like to access.



Intentional Self-Care for Youth
This workshop is designed to take a preventative approach in addressing mental health struggles. The workshop focuses on giving young people strategies for self-care in small, attainable ways to make self-care a lifelong habit. We discuss how to use self-care to maintain healthy stress levels and integrate holistic care into our daily lives. There is a focus on intentional self-care and the importance of that at any age.

Workshop main themes:


Mindfulness & Self-Compassion
Youth are currently being faced with a multitude of changes and stressors. This workshop facilitates helping youth to learn more about self-awareness, self-kindness and an understanding of themselves and each other in response to these growing challenges. Youth will use the strategies, practices and activities to learn to navigate the emotional ups and downs of life while building greater compassion and empathy for others.

Workshop main themes:


Navigating Transition & Change
During this time, change has become a constant. We have all had to grow, adapt and change to this new “normal,” and just as we become comfortable, things begin to shift again. There has been significant change for youth and, as school resumes, new environments and modifications may be challenging to adapt too. This workshop focuses on resiliency skills when faced with change and transition. We look at the concept of change, fears surrounding change, how to navigate new realities and “bounce back” in the face of life challenges.

Workshop main themes:


The Depression Discussion
Depression can be debilitating. The pressures of growing up can be challenging! Youth mental health issues are real and increasing, especially with all of the transitions 2020 has brought us. This workshop will help identify what depression is and how it can grow. We will examine the impacts of change and how change affects depression in teens. It will highlight coping skills to increase resiliency.

Workshop main themes:


The Impacts of Social Media on Our Mental Health
Social Media has become the cornerstone of youth interactions. Amid COVID this has become even more of a reality. Many young people fail to see the impact Social Media can have on their mental health. This workshop serves to help youth identify how social media consumption can impact how they feel about themselves and their peers.

Workshop main themes:


The Power of Emotion
This workshop helps students learn to identify and name their emotions more concretely. Students will be challenged to identify circumstances that can make them feel angry, sad, happy etc., and will learn how each of these emotions manifest behaviorally. Students will be encouraged to think about how their thoughts influence their feelings and behaviors, how to slow down this impact process, and implement more effective coping strategies for dealing with their emotions.

Workshop main themes:


Understanding Anxiety
Anxiety can be overwhelming. We can get caught up in our thoughts and emotions and find ourselves unable to relax or calm down. Given the current situation, our anxiety can be amplified, and we may have new fears or worries that pop up. This workshop provides an overview of what anxiety is and how it can manifest. It explores coping strategies and methods to improve overall wellness.

Workshop main themes:

Empowerment & Self-Esteem
The Female Empowerment & Self Esteem Workshop teaches young women that they are valuable and have a voice. This is achieved by providing them with information and tools to use to boost their self-confidence. This workshop focuses on identifying how we speak to one another as women, how we think about ourselves, finding our voice, trying to eliminate negative self-talk and finding positive strategies for embracing our identity.

Workshop main themes:


PLEASE NOTE: If you are accessing prerecorded sessions you are not permitted to share the link to the workshop with others. The generous support of United Way is providing these workshops. We are required to provide statistics on the number of workshops being accessed. Educators must register individually for the sessions they are interested in.


Catholic Family Services also offers other workshops series, including professional workshops for other agencies, organizations and businesses.

Some examples include:

For more information, or to book your workshop, please contact:

Amanda Fellows
CFSSC Program Manager, Community Development or 705-726-2503, ext. 113


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