Sexual Addiction Counselling and Therapy

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Sexual addiction is a cluster of behaviours that is commonly seen in counselling. It can cause many problems for an individual and a couple. Common behavioural problems can include going online to seek out porn sites and chat rooms, seeking out sex partners online, paying for sex spending hours online with others and engaging in unsafe, sexually risky behaviours. Some consequences are more harmful to couples, particularly if they involve relationships outside of the couple. An addiction becomes a problem if it takes over the life of the individual and crowds out other healthy coping mechanisms.

Lies, secrecy, shame, compulsivity, financial insecurity and infidelity can all be side effects of sexual addiction. The net result often is a withdrawal from others and from more healthy habits and behaviors (socializing, sexual intimacy, hobbies. Sports, time in nature).

Counselling can stop the negative behavioral and thought cycle that often accompanies this behavior. It can also address any underlying issues that contributed to the behavior in the first place.

Contact Catholic Family Services today to discover ways to manage this addiction and understand the underlying issues contributing to this behaviour.

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