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Community Wellness Program


CFSSC offers FREE groups and workshops. Due to COVID-19, we have moved our services online.


Spring 2021 – Workshop Schedule*

*Workshop attendance is limited to 25 participants. Please register early to secure your spot.

Participants are required to register for virtual workshops using the Eventbrite link provided. Virtual workshops are offered on the Zoom platform. Participants must have access to the technology needed to participate. There are options to call in, as well as video participation. Links to attend the workshop will be sent out 24 hours prior to the workshop start time. You are encouraged to check out the platform prior to the workshop and become familiar with the layout. This will help to support a smooth login process on the workshop date.

Participant Guide for using Zoom-based Webinars

March 2021

COVID Chaos: Navigating Change & Unpredictability
The last year has been challenging. Those challenges have been layered, but at the heart of it is fear, anxiety, worry, and stress over constant change and unpredictability. COVID has forced us all to be in a constant state of adaptation which can increase stress levels and impact our overall mental health and wellbeing. This workshop investigates these ideas further and focuses on small changes we can make to foster resiliency. It looks at strategies to implement and skills we can build that will support our well-being as we continue to face change and uncertainty.

Date & Time: March 1st, 12:00pm (1 hour)


Intentional Self-Care
This workshop looks at practical ways to implement self-care strategies into your personal and professional life. With the current climate of the world and stress and anxiety levels increasing implementing self-care strategies has never been more important. Participants will have space to self-reflect and identify triggers for stress. They will look at creating a personal self-care plan and how to be an active participant in implementing that plan.

Date & Time: March 2nd, 12:00pm (1 hour)


The Impacts of Social Media on our Mental Health
Now more than ever people are connected online. At the same time connecting online or being flooded with unsettling information for extended periods of time can increase anxiety levels or make us feel depressed. This workshop looks at the impacts social media can have on our mental health and examines ways we can balance being connected online but also maintaining positive mental wellness.

Date & Time: March 9th, 12:00pm (1 hour)


A Mindful Experience Using DBT Skills
This workshop provides participants with an introduction to mindfulness and a chance to spend time using mindfulness practices to manage stress. If you have ever been interested in learning about the different ways you can integrate mindful practices into your life, this workshop is for you! The workshop is interactive, come prepared to meditate, relax, and be immersed in the present moment.

Date & Time: March 24th, 2:30pm (1 hour)


Caregiver Burnout
The role of a caregiver can be diverse. From adult children caring for aging parents to foster parents caring for youth in the system – caregivers come in all shapes and sizes. The role of a caregiver happens on a spectrum and faces unique challenges daily. This workshop looks at the mental health effects of caregiving and examines the concept of burnout; what it feels like and how it impacts our overall wellbeing. The workshop also explores stress management, self-care, and strategies to use as a preventative to burnout.

Date & Time: March 30th, 10:00am (1 hour)


April 2021

Healthy Relationships 101
Healthy Relationships 101 explores the core components of what a healthy relationship looks like. Some of our relationships may be impacted by our current reality, or relationships that were already struggling pre-COVID may be experiencing additional challenges now due to increased stress. This workshop looks at how to build and maintain positive healthy relationships.

Date & Time: April 6th, 6:00pm (1 hour)


The Language of Love
The Language of Love is a fun and interactive workshop that explores the 5 love languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. You will uncover your own love language and we will answer questions like: How do we express love to others in a way that is meaningful? & How can you communicate your emotional need for love accurately? The workshop will explore all 5 love languages and their dynamics in our personal relationships.

Date & Time: April 13th, 6:00pm (1 hour)


Managing BIG Emotions with DBT Skills
Managing big emotions can be hard at the best of times, but when we find ourselves faced with big change or challenging situations emotions can be harder to control. This workshop looks at skills and strategies we can use to manage our emotions more effectively day-to-day.

Date & Time: April 14th, 10:00am (1 hour)


Understanding Anxiety
Anxiety can be overwhelming. We can get caught up in our thoughts and emotions and find ourselves unable to relax or calm down. Given the current situation, our anxiety can be amplified, and we may have new fears or worries that pop up. This workshop provides an overview of what anxiety is and how it can manifest. It explores coping strategies and methods to improve overall wellness.

Date & Time: April 20th, 3:00pm (1 hour)


Healthy Communication
Healthy Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. We need to be able to share our thoughts, ideas, and feelings with the people in our lives. In relationships, communication can be challenging and where there is stress or strain already occurring effective communication can become obsolete. This workshop looks are the basics of healthy communication in relationships. It introduces skills and strategies that can be used to navigate challenging conversations and methods to implement on an ongoing basis to strengthen communication skills overall.

Date & Time: April 20th, 6:00pm (1 hour)


COVID and Trauma: Understanding the Effects & Navigating the Impact
In the throes of the third wave of COVID, this webinar is being offered to people in Simcoe County managing the impacts of rising numbers, serving complex clients, navigating an ever-evolving unstable situation, and continuing to work and support people despite the risks involved. This workshop will take a broad stroke, high-level perspective, and is appropriate for front-line workers, community service providers, social workers, or those working directly with the public and are concerned about their own wellbeing and safety. Content will cover the impact on our professional and personal lives, including an overview of PTSD resulting from COVID, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, stress responses, grief and loss, coping strategies, and resources.

Date & Time: April 28th, 10:00am (2 hours)


Mindfulness & Self-Compassion
During periods of uncertainty, it is important to have a tool kit of coping strategies we can rely on to support our mental health. The Mindfulness & Self-Compassion workshop will focus on tools and strategies you can use when you are feeling overwhelmed. This interactive workshop is skills-based, and participants will spend time practicing strategies to decrease anxiety and depression.

Date & Time: April 27th, 12:00pm (1 hour)


Building Intimacy in Relationships
Intimacy is the closeness between people in personal relationships. It’s what builds over time as you connect with someone, grow to care about each other, and feel more and more comfortable during your time together. It can include physical or emotional closeness or even a mix of the two. Sometimes as relationships evolve and we become caught up in the busyness of life intimacy can take a back burner in our relationship. This workshop explores the importance of intimacy in relationships and how to start rebuilding what you have lost.

Date & Time: April 27th, 6:00pm (1 hour)


May 2021: Parenting Webinar Series

Parental Resiliency
Resilience has been defined as the ability to use one’s resources and knowledge to deal with problems or setbacks in parenting in an adaptive way. Parenting can be challenging at times, but when faced with new and stressful circumstances it can be hard to be adaptive. This workshop examines the importance of developing coping skills and how this contributes to resiliency overall. We will explore the challenges of parenting and how to “bounce back” when things are tough.

Date & Time: May 6th, 1:30pm (1 hour)


Trauma & Attachment Basics
Stress and trauma can have lasting impacts on children. This workshop looks at the basics of recognizing stress and trauma in children. It will also provide an educational overview or trauma and attachment to broaden perspectives. Children who have experienced stress and trauma may behave in ways that are challenging to manage; this workshop will explore strategies to navigate challenging behavior considering the impacts of stress and trauma.

Date & Time: May 13th, 1:30pm (1 hour)


Mindfulness & Emotion Regulation
Learning how to deal with emotions is an important developmental goal. The skills involved in emotion regulation may be fostered by becoming aware of emotions and by learning how to manage them without pushing them away or getting tangled up in them. This workshop is designed for parents looking to build strategies for supporting their children in building emotional awareness and effective emotion management. Mindfulness skills will be a core component in building these skills. Participants will also build individual skills that can be applied to their own personal growth and learning.

Date & Time: May 20th, 1:30pm (1 hour)


Kids & Communication
Sometimes it can feel like our children speak a different language leaving communication to feel extremely challenging. Communication breakdowns often happen when big emotions are involved or when situations lead to conflict. This workshop will explore how parents can improve communication with their children which will build stronger relationships and greater cooperation.

Date & Time: May 27th, 1:30pm (1 hour)


Youth Programming

Date & Time: Tuesday afternoons (3:30pm-4:30pm)
Winter: March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd


Multi-Session Groups

Please note that groups are being offered by virtual means only at this time. Sessions will occur weekly using the Zoom Health platform. Participants must adhere to having their video and audio turned on each week. If you are interested in participating in a group, please call 705-726-2503. You will be required to complete a phone intake prior to the group start date. Multi-session groups are limited to 15 participants, so please register asap to secure your spot.


DBT Skills Group
Marsha Linehan’s dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based model of therapy that helps people learn and use new skills to build lives they feel are worth living. DBT is made up of four main components: core mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. These components consist of skills that help us to be more present in our bodies, lives, and relationships; understand and manage our emotions; cope with and survive intense emotions, and improve our relationships.

This group is psychoeducational and will consist of discussion, weekly “take-home” practice, videos, and mindfulness activities.

Date & Time: Wednesday mornings (10:00am – 12:00pm)

Winter: Feb 17th- April 7th (Group Intake Feb 10th)
Spring: May 5th – June 23rd (Group Intake April 28th)
Fall: Oct 6th -Nov 24th (Group Intake Sept 29th)


The Power of Emotion
This workshop is designed specifically for women and explores the range of emotions we can experience in response to stress. The Power of Emotion looks at some of our most powerful emotions, how they manifest, what triggers them, and how to manage them more effectively.

Date & Time: Thursday afternoons (1:30pm – 3:30pm)

Fall: October 7th, 14th, 21st


Women’s Self-Discovery
Sometimes we need space and time to breathe, to be open to new ideas, to self-discovery. Daily life stressors, work, family, relationships, and focusing on your goals can become very task-focused.

The Women’s Self-Discovery Group provides women the opportunity to come together for self-discovery through self-compassion; self-esteem; self-care; mindfulness discussions and activities. It’s a safe and confidential environment for women to grow at their own pace. This group is suited for women who are interested in their own personal growth.

Date & Time: Thursday mornings (9:30am – 11:30am)

Spring: April 1st – May 6th




Catholic Family Services also offers other workshops series, including professional workshops for other agencies, organizations and businesses.

Some examples include:

For more information, or to book your workshop, please contact:

Amanda Fellows
CFSSC Program Manager, Community Development
AFellows@cfssc.ca or 705-726-2503, ext. 113


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