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Family Counselling for Youth

Twelve year old Sean* was referred to Catholic Family Services of Simcoe County by a children’s lawyer. He was looking for support to be able to confront his father about having an affair, that ultimately caused his parent’s divorce.

family counselling, sad youthThe family counsellor met with Sean’s mother to discuss how Sean had been involved in parentification through this process. The counsellor explained how adult issues needed to be dealt with by both Sean’s mother and father without undue pressure or involvement by Sean. The therapist discussed co-operative parenting skills that would ensure Sean didn’t feel he needed to be the communication bridge between his parents.

Through family counselling, Sean was able to grieve the loss of his family as it used to be. He was also able to accept that his parent’s divorce was not his fault and that he could not make his parents reunite. Over time Sean began to adjust to the new family structure and was doing better in school.

Although Sean continued to feel disappointed that his father did not follow through on promised visits, and angry that he had left in the first place, he was better able to share his thoughts and feelings with the counsellor. In the end, he decided he no longer wanted to confront his father.

Too often in situations of separation and divorce, the children are caught in the middle, often hearing far too many details of hurt and anger from both parents. Sean’s family counselling helped him to understand that it was not his problem to fix and helped his mother to learn how and where to direct her feelings rather than burdening Sean.

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*All names have been changed to protect privacy