Corporate Wellness


Group Counselling, Therapy & Mental Wellness Services

CFSSC offers mental health services for your employees at your work site.

LunchNLearns: to remove the stigma of mental health and how to identify typical triggers.

Women’s Group Sessions: Over 3 evenings, our Power of Emotion workshop helps women manage their emotions more effectively.

Self Care Strategies for Helping Professionals: This workshop is an opportunity for professional development for people in helping professions. It is aimed at working with the mind, body and spirit connection through self assessment, in an effort to understand stress levels in relation to work. Workshop participants will establish individual goals and intentions and explore a variety of options to experience self care on multiple levels; reducing burnout and compassion fatigue.

For more information, contact Amanda Fellows at



Wellness@Work Workshops

Our corporate wellness program offers a menu
of our most popular workshops, and provides
customized options as well.

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For more information, or to book your workshop, please contact:

Amanda Fellows
CFSSC Program Manager, Community Development or 705-726-2503, ext. 113


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