CFSSC Stories – Mark – Youth Counselling

Mark’s family brought him to CFSSC for youth counselling when he was 16. At that time, he was skipping more classes at school than he was attending, he was smoking marijuana regularly, had lost his motivation and his part-time job. Mark was feeling depressed, he began dressing all in black and hanging out with friends who were also not doing well in school. He pierced his tongue, his eyebrow, his nose and had many piercings in his ears. He enjoyed the shock value when his mother first saw his tattoo. Mark had been close to his parents, but over the past months he felt very distant from them and his usual group of friends. His poetry and art began to focus on themes of death and suicide. His parents were worried about Mark.
After attending youth counselling at CFSSC, both on an individual basis and occasionally with his parents, Mark has made some dramatic changes. He is no longer feeling so depressed, he is not hanging out with the same group of friends and has gone back to some of his old friends. He has decided that the piercings and tattoo give people the wrong idea about who he really is and so he has begun having the tattoo removed and has taken out his piercings. His parents note that he has started talking to them again and shares his hopes and dreams with them. Mark is no longer all in black and has been accepted into a youth work program which will give him the opportunity to travel and get involved in community work.
Mark rediscovered what he liked about himself and found the courage to make choices that have helped him to make his dreams a reality. His parents are no longer worried about Mark and are excited about his new opportunities.


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