CFSSC Stories – Jim – Walk-In Counselling

*Please note the name in this story has been changed for privacy of the client*

“I came to a walk-in clinic at Catholic Family Services of Simcoe County because a friend thought it might be helpful. I was really a mess. My wife and I were always fighting and she and the kids had left me. I was using marijuana every day just to cope, which seemed to be more and more difficult after our baby died. I felt angry all the time and frustrated that my family wasn’t doing things the way I wanted them to. I didn’t know where else to turn.

That first walk-in session helped me to understand how my relationship with my stepfather was influencing my relationship with my wife and how I was interacting with my kids. The clinician at CFSSC helped me to realize that I could learn how to tell when I was about to blow up and to get a handle on my feelings before I started to yell at everyone.

I began to feel hopeful that I could make some changes that would help me and my family get along better and so I agreed to continue with counselling. During those sessions I learned the difference between discipline and punishment and how to important it was to share the parenting role with my partner.

Things between my wife, kids and I got a whole lot better and we actually began to have fun together again. I learned how to be more honest with myself and others about what I was feeling instead of keeping all of it inside.

I think the hardest part of counselling for me was to deal with the loss of our son. I don’t think I have ever cried so much as I did when I could finally talk about how sad I was that I was not there to save him.

I don’t know where else I could have turned to for help. Thank you Catholic Family Services.” – Jim, CFSSC Walk-In Counselling Client


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