CFSSC Stories – Alan – Walk-In Counselling

“My wife Elaine and I had been separated for about 6 months when she told me she wanted a divorce. I’d been hoping we could work things out if we got some space, but it looked like that wasn’t going to happen. Elaine had been staying with her parents, but now told me that she and our daughter Jessica, age 9, would be moving into an apartment together. That left me alone at the house with a mortgage I couldn’t afford on my own. My daughter said she didn’t want to see me for visits anymore and I was just crushed. I was feeling really stressed out and angry all the time, even at work. I needed someone to talk to.

My sister told me about the Walk-In Counselling Clinics in Barrie. She had gone to the Clinic a couple times when her friend had died and she was having a hard time coping. I liked that I could just drop in and didn’t have to call ahead or anything, so I decided to check it out.

The clinician, Rick, I met with that day was really good. I had a chance to talk about how angry I felt and he helped me to realize how angry I had been in my marriage and how it was putting my job and my relationship with my daughter in jeopardy. Rick also talked about how I could do things differently and maybe cope better with the pressures in my life.

I came to a few more sessions and talked to Elaine about the differences it was helping me to make in my life. I was thrilled when Elaine decided to attend counselling with Jessica. Soon she was visiting with me again and our father-daughter relationship was back on track!

Elaine and I are still separated, but we are talking and I am continuing to work on the strategies I’ve learned through counselling. I hope someday we can all be together again, but in the meantime, we are being great parents to our daughter and I am feeling better about myself” – Alan, CFSSC Walk-In Counselling Client

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