CFSSC Dragon Boat Team Needs Your Help!

CFSSC team, The Holy Rowers, are set to compete in the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival August 26, 2017.

Each team member has pledged to raise a minimum of $250.00 to contribute to the team pledge goal of raising $10,000.00 for mental health and counselling services CFSSC provides to the Simcoe County community.

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CFSSC has also been given $3,250.00 through generous sponsorship from community businesses Digital Giants, Adams Funeral Home, Orchard Point Harbour, Compu-Solve Technologies, and Talbot Marketing.

Team captain and mental health advocate Ryan Lay is proud of how the team has developed and looks forward to competing in the event.

The team is rallying together to get the word out about what we are paddling for and encouraging others to get involved and support mental health and counselling services. Each one of us has either first-hand experience or knows someone who has battled a mental illness.

The team started out with little experience in this sport but has learned the importance of working as one unit. Dragon Boating takes a full team effort. To be successful on the water, teams must work in unison. One person cannot win the race on their own and if the team gets off rhythm while paddling, the boat can lose control and not move forward effectively. However, if the team is working together and finds a common pace, the boat will go straighter and faster.

Jason Leroux is a member of The Holy Rowers and he notes that just like Dragon Boating, it is harder to move forward with a mental illness when you are suffering alone.

In a way, paddling in a Dragon Boat without a team has a parallel to battling a mental illness. You can try and do it on your own but you will eventually exhaust yourself, lose hope and become frustrated when you aren’t progressing. When you get help and use a service like CFSSC, all of a sudden you feel like you have a full team behind you. You have the support needed to help get your life back on track and move forward in the right direction.

There is still time to get involved and support The Holy Rowers to reach their goal of raising $10,000 for mental health and counselling services.

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