CFSSC Client Stories – Judith and John – Couples Counselling

Judith and John were mandated to attend couples counselling after one of their weekly arguments got physical and Judith hit John over the head with a beer bottle. The police were called by neighbours and Judith was charged with assault. During sentencing, the judge ordered the couple to participate in couples counselling.

Initially, the couple began attending a number of walk-in sessions. When they clicked with one counsellor, who understood where they were coming from, they requested 6 sessions of ongoing therapy.

During the course of their therapy, they explored family of origin issues, anger triggers and their provocative behaviour, as well as the impact of substance use. Eventually, they began to find new ways to express themselves that did not involve violence, power or control. They were able to speak more directly to each other about their needs and desires.

Judith and John worked hard to improve their communication and their relationship. They report that they are now treating each other and their children with more respect and are getting along much better as a family. Their commitment to their family and their willingness to change their behaviour has meant that Judith and John are able to increase the wellbeing of their relationship through effective communication and other strategies they learned through their counselling sessions.


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